How To Choose Matching Rings For Men

Posted on August 5, 2015 By

If you are getting married, obviously you have to think very carefully about the wedding rings. You both need to wear these rings for the rest of your lives, so you need to choose something that suits you both. They should match as closely as possible, but it is likely that you will have some differences between your rings and hers. We will highlight here the ways in which you can make a man’s ring fashionable and comfortable, without having to compromise with the design. Remember that a simple style is the easiest to adapt!

Choose a Thicker Band

It is most common that mens wedding rings will be thicker on the band than their wives’. This is generally because men have bigger hands and fingers. It also looks a bit more masculine. You do not have to go for a thicker ring if you do not think it would suit you. For example, if you have short fingers, then a thick ring may make them look even shorter. However, it is certainly recommended that you have a style which is at least a little thicker than the ring worn by your wife.

Add a Double Band

What you will see in many cases is that mens nuptial ring have a double band. That is to say, one thick band which fits around the finger, and another raised slightly on this which is thinner. You can have them in contrasting metals or patterns if you like. You can still match your partner’s ring if you have the same metal and style as hers without changing any other details. Or you can choose to have them modified slightly so that each of you has a more personalised ring. Just make sure that the changes are not too different, as you want them to seem like a pair.

Smaller Jewels or Settings

If your wife will wear a jewel such as a diamond on her wedding ring, you can also still do the same. What is likely is that you will want yours to be a little less ostentatious. You can achieve this by having a smaller jewel. You can also change the cut to be one that is not as brilliant. This may save you money as well, since brilliant diamonds are often the most expensive ones. It may feel a little more masculine if you have a jewel which is less sparkly than hers. You can also have a less flashy setting – keep it simple for the best results.

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